The Only Spring Cleaning Checklist You Will Ever Need

Dated: March 5 2020

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It’s time for spring cleaning!

The temperatures have been warmer these past few days and our family enjoyed an afternoon, playing in front of the house.  The warm sunshine got me thinking of spring cleaning and giving our house the nice, deep scrub-down it needs after a couple of seasons of being stuck indoors.

I put together a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist as a free printable.  It is divided room by room for the most part, but I personally prefer to do large jobs in one big cleaning session because I am all decked out in my grubby clothes and rubber gloves. 

When doing the dirtier cleaning jobs, I like starting with the more sanitary areas and move on to the goodies, like toilets and bathroom floors….mmmm, delightful!

I am listing out some of the big cleaning jobs, that if you complete them first, will make a noticeable difference in how clean your house looks.  Use the motivation from success on these first sections to spur you on to finishing the remainder of the list.

Obviously, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish everything on this list in one day, or even in one week.  Take it one section at a time and use this list as a reference for your seasonal cleaning.  If you continuously cycle through these sections on a fairly regular basis, you can eliminate the need for a big cleaning session.

If you are just trying to quickly get your house whipped into shape before a party or before you have people stop by for a visit, check out my unconventional quick cleanup post here. It’s an emergency cleaning only type of tidying but is very effective!

Dusting Jobs

Start at the top and work your way down so you don’t keep having to clean the floors.

• dust ceiling corners with an extendable fluffy duster

• dust crown molding and door jambs

• dust light fixtures and remove spiderwebs from chandeliers

• dust ceiling fans, and while you are at it, switch them to turn counter clockwise

• dust picture frames hanging on walls

• dust furnishings/ flat surfaces/ bookshelves

• remove light fixtures and wipe/wash them clean. Wash out all the dust and bugs if

they are the types that capture every flying insect in the house.

• dust the lamps/ vacuum shades

• dust tops of appliances (like the fridge)

• dust curtains and wipe down windowsills

• change the household air filter

• dust/ vacuum baseboards with that little skinny attachment that usually has a

brush at the end. If you don’t have one of these, a fluffy duster will loosen

baseboard dust enough to effectively vacuum with regular hose.

Walls and Doors

This makes a huge difference in the overall clean and bright feeling of your house,

especially if you have small children who leave handprints all over everything.

• clean scuff marks from walls with a magic eraser

• scrub all light switches and outlets

• wash the walls in high traffic areas

• wash doors (look for scuff marks)

• clean and wash door handles and area around them

• touch up paint if necessary


This is a great job to involve kids. It might take a little training to help them learn about

getting a streak-free shine, but once they have the skill, they can own that job every


• wash or wipe down window blinds

• clean inside windows and mirrors

• scrub window sash area

• clean exterior windows. I like using a telescopic rod and microfiber scrubber to

help reach tough areas


• vacuum all floors before you start scrubbing them

• deep clean hard-surface floors (use a couple of folded towels as knee pads)

• shampoo carpets as needed

• roll up area rugs and vacuum the undersides/ floors where they were

• clean area rugs (especially if you have pets)

• vacuum all flooring, including corners and edges

• vacuum air vents and intake grills

Household General

• replace batteries in smoke detector

• replace batteries in carbon monoxide detector

• get pest control scheduled

• schedule the pool maintenance people to visit, if applicable

• order heating oil refill if applicable

Living Area

• wipe the couch if leather/ vacuum if textile

• move couch and vacuum all the delightful things that might have been hiding under

it. Now might be a great opportunity to rearrange your living room furniture for a

fresh look.

• condition leather couches and chairs

• remove extra clutter items and put them away in their proper homes

• dust electronics and disinfect remote controls/ gaming controllers

• organize entertainment center accessories


• clear clutter from flat surfaces (another great job for kids if they are the main

cluttering culprits)

• clean and disinfect the household trash cans. I like doing this outside with the

garden hose a little bleach, followed with a soapy water wash and a drying time out

in the sunshine.

• scrub the table, make sure you wipe the underside, pull it apart to clean table-leaf


• clean the microwave, concentrating on the door seals. My favorite way is to

microwave a web, soapy rag for 1 minute to steam off grime. It all wipes away

easily after steaming.

• deep clean the dishwasher and clean the door seals/ strainer baskets

• clean and organize the refrigerator and freezer (toss out the old stuff)

• defrost deep freezer if applicable

• vacuum refrigerator coils

• dust top of fridge if you didn’t take care of it when dusting earlier

• clean the oven and wipe up remaining ashes

• clean the hood vent and change/ wash filters as needed

• scrub stovetop

• clean and disinfect the garbage disposal: toss a small section of orange peel in to

remove stinky smells

• wipe out silverware drawers

• clean utility kitchen drawers

• organize and wipe down the pantry

• clean under the kitchen sink and

• scrub kitchen cabinets and touch up with varnish pen

• clean backsplash area


• wipe down toothbrush holders/ drawers

• scrub soap dishes and refill soap pumps

• scrub shower caddy/ storage shelves

• remove and wash shower curtain and replace vinyl liner if you can’t wash it clean

• descale shower doors if you live in a hard water area. Try using Rainex on the

shower glass to keep it cleaner for a longer time.

• check bathroom fan for mildew and clean

• clean vanity countertops and shine bathroom sinks

• reassess items you store on vanity counter and try to pair down your collection

• clean toilets and floors around them

• wipe down bathroom scale

• wash/ replace bath mats

• Scrub the bathtub and/or shower walls and base

• Clean shower head and bathtub faucet head

• unclog drains (we use this tool, it is just plain awesome…no more reaching into

nasty drains with my fingers) seat and around hinges

• caulk shower and bathtub seams if applicable – clear silicone is best

• Re-seal tile and grout in wet areas

• declutter bathroom cabinets and storage areas

• toss out expired personal hygiene products

• Wipe down bathroom cabinets, cabinet pulls toilet paper holder, and towel bars


• declutter items that don’t belong – return them to rightful place

• organize bedroom closets – remove seasonal outgrown clothing

• wipe down dressers and nightstands, vacuuming drawers

• vacuum the mattress

• clean under your bed – donate some of that stuff that is just sitting and gathering


• wash bedsheets, replace if worn out

• change out your pillow every year

• vacuum carpet, concentrating on baseboards and under bed/ dresser

• shampoo or steam clean carpets

Laundry Room

• clean dryer vent and remove lint from dryer lint traps

• wipe down the washing machine, clean out soap dispenser and disinfect door seals

• vacuum behind and underneath washer and dryer

• vacuum floors

• mop laundry room floors

• reseal tile grout in wet areas

• tidy up and organize laundry room shelves

• eliminate unnecessary cleaning products

• clean/ vacuum laundry collection bins

• scrub laundry sink if applicable and organize/ wipe down all cabinets

Spring Clean Kids’ Things

• clean and organize clothing they’ve outgrown – donate hand me down clothing

• toss out broken toys

• donate outgrown toys

• wash stuffed animals/ wubbies

• disinfect gaming controllers/ computers/ kindles/ iPads, etc.

• have kids sort through personal effects/ toss out the clutter

Office/ Work area/ Command center

• clean and organize desk drawers/ remove junk from junk drawer

• toss junk mail and shred out of date bank statements/ bill stubs

• review insurance policies

• check credit score

• wipe down computer screen, keyboard, and mouse

Outdoor Spring Cleaning 

• sweep porch patio/deck

• power wash the driveway and deck

• power wash your garage doors and exterior siding if needed

• touch up paint house exterior

• remove cobwebs from exterior fixtures

• scoop out gutters

• scoop leaves from nooks and crannies in the yard and around house

• plant annuals at the end of Spring (you’ll see them in stores)

• sprinkle pre-emergent weed control

• trim branches that are too close to the house

• clean or replace doormats

• wash outdoor garbage cans and recycle bins

• sweep garage floor

• wash salt/ winter dust from cars

• put large garbage items at curb when weather is nice or make trip to dump

Happy cleaning and good luck with everything. You can download a pdf version of this

list here

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